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Q: Is Keanu Reeves left handed?

Yes, Keanu Reeves is left handed.

I love this man. Not only is he left handed he is a gentleman and a scholar, a renaissance man. Point Break was a crowning achievement, no, the crowning achievement of cinema and if you disagree I will learn to do whatever you do better than you and assimilate myself into your sphere of influence and date your ex-girlfriend but then we’ll become close friends but then I won’t care and I’d chase you through the streets until you force yourself to end your own life by surfing on the worlds biggest tidal wave. Or something.

Let’s not forget they are writing another Bill and Ted movie, finally granting that wish to every child born before 1990 and of course everyone at the Academy Awards. He was Neo for Christ’s sake. And Speed! God that was a great movie.

I could go on and on about his extensive and wildly popular movies, his internet fame and good looks. I’ll save you the trouble. He is better than everyone and expects nothing in return but for you to better yourself.





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