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Q: Is Tom Cruise left handed?

No, Tom Cruise is not left handed.

The breath-taking saga that was TomKat has come to its logical ending. It’s been reported Katie initiated the divorce with both sides attorneys giving the standard publicist statements. Tom however took to Twitter, saying

“Katie ur da best, tx for memories. Peas be good. buy buy. Vanilla Sky on DVD.”

Our sources say after the news broke he was seen jumping on couches at Raymour and Flanigan’s semi-annual sale. Shoppers thought it was part of the sale and flocked to the store. A record number of furniture was sold, and a deal between Cruise and the owners is apparently in the works.

Cruise is one of those guys you love seeing on screen and almost as much off screen. His incredible acting ability is almost overshadowed by his crazed off screen antics. And how is it possible he hasn’t aged at all? Did he actually find a way to clone himself?! We might actually believe in his Scientologist bullshit if it wasn’t for, well, it being bullshit. Either way, we wouldn’t mind seeing him in Mission Impossibles until he’s in a casket, and even then he’d be a better actor than half of Hollywood.



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