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Q: Is Angelina Jolie left handed?

Yes, Angelina Jolie is left handed.

Despite her best efforts to nationalize her home in Los Angeles as an independent state, Angelina Jolie will have to settle on being American Citizen a while longer. While the paperwork on the Republic of Jolidia continues to be processed indefinitely, the Angelina tribe keeps expanding. We hear there is a secret underground bunker, with a railroad that connects to Cambodia for easy transportation between the two countries.

Previously married to that guy that plays Sherlock and Billy Bob Thornton (which she is super glad everyone has forgotten), Jolie has settled down with Brad Pitt. Say what you will about the ordeal with Jennifer Aniston, Jolie has turned out to be less crazy. Still crazy, but less crazy.Instead of sharing pendants filled with each others blood, the couple shows their love with children. Lots and lots of children.

Angelina enjoys spending time gardening, scaling and repelling down buildings and designing jewelry for Kay Jewelers.




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