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Q: Is Blake Lively left handed?

No, Blake Lively is not left handed.

The first time I dreamed of Blake Lively I was driving the two of us in my Bentley convertible down the Las Vegas strip, pulling up to a hotel. She got out and yelled at me for only dreaming of her and not buying her things in real life. I still remember that red dress she wore.

Elizabeth Blake-the-Steak Lively was born on a rowboat during a hurricane off the coast of France when her expecting parents were out for a casual float and got carried out to sea. As a result, she’s a citizen of all Mediterranean countries and donates the the free magazines from each country she receives to charity after she reads them from cover to cover.

Rising to fame for playing herself on a fake reality TV show, Blake has secured herself in the minds and throbbing hearts of men and women everywhere by marrying Ryan Reynolds, a true left-hander and gentleman. Congratulations to them on expecting probably the most beautiful baby anyone could ever produce.



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