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Q: Is Cameron Diaz left handed?

No, Cameron Diaz is not left handed.

I remember the first time I got a boner in a movie theater. My family and I were watching the Mask in Oswego NY, when matinees were $4.25 and X-Men was the staple arcade game. I was staring at Cameron Diaz wearing that hot red dress, thinking about what her breasts looked like, when she started licking Jim Carey’s ear. Instantly I was hard and uncomfortable, like I was sleeping on rocks with a boner.

Cameron Diaz has been acting and modeling for a while, and we enjoy her big smile. She has talent but seems to never really take on a serious role. Vanilla Sky was great, where has that performance been again? Granted being a blonde doesn’t help. It must be like asking Jodie Foster to play a comical, non-scientist, single cougar who finds out her favorite boy toy is actually married to a man, and she goes on a quest to see if she can turn gay men straight. It would be called Chasing Rainbows, and star Joel McHale as her confidently gay brother who is along for the hilarious ride, and Rihanna as her best friend who gives solid topical advice that goes unheard throughout the movie. Rotten Tomatoes would say it was “plush with stereotypes that heightened the un-chastised lead character’s pursuits, this absently minded but overall funny look into the human condition was redeemed by its heartwarming script and excellent acting.”




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