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Q: Is Emma Watson left handed?

No, Emma Watson is not left handed.

Everyone’s favorite Muggle wields her magic wand with her right hand.  You are in our prayers Emma, we know how hard it is to change a successful child acting career into something legitimate, just ask Haley Joel Osment.  We can only hope that you can somehow turn your Harry Potter acting career into a success, since it’s quite obvious none of your other English mouth breathing friends will amount to anything.

Look on the bright side everyone, it’s an Emma Watson post that will not infect your PC with malware and viruses!  If you have stumbled upon this in your never ending quest to find pics of Emma Watson nude consider yourself lucky, we can help you out with your search. You are looking for pictures that don’t exist, and there is also a very good chance that you destroy your parents’ computer in the process.  Besides all this we are going to be blatantly honest with you when we say that Emma Watson isn’t even that hot.  She’s plain Jane at best, and your infatuation with a Harry Potter character is disturbing.



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