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Q: Is Tina Fey left handed?

Yes, Tina Fey is left handed.

Tina Elizabeth Warren Fey is no stranger to comedy. Born in a replica Shire from Lord of the Rings just outside of Philadelphia, Fey had to play the town's jester and developed a sharp sense of humour. The wealthy elders created the Shire to escape the crime of the city and to create a commune of prosperity protected from the outside world by a large fence. They were also overly obsessed with hobbits. M. Night Shyamalan adapted her story into The Village but substituted the hobbit mating rituals with those creatures that walked too slow to realistically scare anyone over the age of 3.

I keep hoping to run into her in New York City, run into like Woody Allen runs into Diane Keaton not Lin

dsay Lohan into a telephone pole. We'd both be playing tennis on the west side. A friend of a friend introduced us. She'd offer me a ride to her Upper West Side apartment. We'd drink wine. I'd ask about Amy Poehler. We'd all have dinner the next evening. I would meet Will Arnett and we would do the chicken dance until our feet hurt. My life would be complete.


Tina Fey signing autographs


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