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Q: Is Tiger Woods left handed?

No, Tiger Woods is right handed.

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods used a right handed swing while golfing his way to 74 PGA wins including 14 major golf championships. There are 2 reasons why Tiger is such a successful golfer. The first being he is really, really good at golf, and the second reason being that when he was cured of legal blindness, the doctors swapped out his original eyeballs with technology reverse engineered from the CPU of the Terminator that had originally been sent back to kill Sarah Connor.

It is a well known fact that, like Bill Clinton and Batman, Tiger draws his powers from expensive hookers.  His therapy in 2010 which aimed to break him of his addiction to casual sex put a severe damper on his golf career.  Given his recent revival, we can say with certainty that Tiger has returned to his old habits, and his pimp (right) hand is strong once again.


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