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Q: Is Tony Romo left handed?

No, Tony Romo is right handed.

Antonio Ramiro Romo throws interceptions for the Dallas Cowboys with his right arm. In the NFL nothing can be taken for granted, except for Tony Romo’s unique abilities. This choke artist is guaranteed to throw an interception, blow the lead, fumble a snap, or all of the above during the most crucial play of the most important game of the Cowboy’s season. Romo at one point tried to blame his terrible performances on his girlfriend at the time – Jessica Simpson. Everyone agreed that she was hot enough to be a distraction, but then she got fat and Tony still sucked.

When Tony isn’t playing football, golf or quidditch, he is busy raising his son Hawkins to be just like him. Initial scouting reports have all agreed that daddy is doing a little too well in baby training and little Hawkins ends up crying every day because he almost always fumbles the bottle before it is done.


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