Betty White

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No, Betty White is not left handed. Oh dear, we will miss Betty White. And just when I start watching Golden Girls! She was marvelous in everything she did and an inspiration to everyone she worked with. Not many people know that she was actually recruited as a spy during WWII and talked Hitler out… Read more »

Donald Trump

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No, Donald Trump is not left handed. Trump fired Ambassador to the EU Gordan Sondland, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry.┬áSource Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry.┬áSource Trump called on Vindman to be investigated by the Pentagon.┬áSource Trump attacked his former Chief of Staff,… Read more »

Kobe Bryant

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No, Kobe Bryant is not left handed. You shout his name every time you miss throwing that dirty, snot-filled tissue into the garbage 5 feet away from you. His smile is almost as big as Julia Roberts, and his middle name is Bean. Growing up in Italy was hard for young Pinto. In the third… Read more »


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No, Afroman is not left handed. Afroman is definitely right-handed. I mean did you see the punch he threw at that poor white girl? Maybe that will be the motivation she needs to get her life together. Seriously, you snuck on the stage of a washed-up 40yr old’s concert, what did you expect to happen?… Read more »

Blake Lively

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No, Blake Lively is not left handed. The first time I dreamed of Blake Lively I was driving the two of us in my Bentley convertible down the Las Vegas strip, pulling up to a hotel. She got out and yelled at me for only dreaming of her and not buying her things in real… Read more »

Scarlett Johansson

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Yes, Scarlett Johansson is left handed. Update: Thanks to our valiant user Amanda C. for correcting this egregious error on our part. Her indeed. A whole movie was dedicated to the voice of Scarlett Johansson, and even with Joaquin Phoenix’s porn stache interrupting my vocal love affair I really enjoyed the movie despite not seeing… Read more »

Cameron Diaz

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No, Cameron Diaz is not left handed. I remember the first time I got a boner in a movie theater. My family and I were watching the Mask in Oswego NY, when matinees were $4.25 and X-Men was the staple arcade game. I was staring at Cameron Diaz wearing that hot red dress, thinking about… Read more »