Oprah Winfrey

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Yes,¬†Oprah Winfrey is left handed. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes. Everyone reading this post gets a new car! You get a new car and your neighbors get a new car and your cat gets a new car! Even your car gets a new car! Congratulations! While a child, Oprah Ingaborg… Read more »

Jeff Daniels

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Jeff Daniels

No, Jeff Daniels is not left handed. Jeff Daniels once scribbled a drawing on his way to school as a young boy that got turned into the Cirque de Soleil we know today. He owns three dolphins which he regularly rides around his man-made salt water lake in Michigan. If it wasn’t for him, we… Read more »

Zac Efron

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No, Zac Efron is not left handed. When cloning was big in the early 90′s, Tom Cruise used to throw elaborate parties for other celebrities where they would get absolutely wasted and clone themselves with other famous people. Tom, who usually avoided combining himself with others, was convinced by Leo DiCaprio and Tiffani Amber Thiessen¬†to… Read more »

Liam Hemsworth

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No, Liam Hemsworth is not left handed. This one we thought for sure would be left handed. I mean his name is LIAM for Chris’ sake. The youngest brother of the Hemsworth clan, Liam got his start serving ice cream at the local parlor when he was noticed for his dashing good looks and mean… Read more »

Anthony Weiner

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Anthony Weiner

No, Anthony Weiner is not left handed. Although from the way his dick gravitates you would think he was left handed. The former congressman who was exposed for sexual deviancy by tweeting photos of his junk to an obviously classy lady on Twitter, is running for NYC mayor. And I have to say I will… Read more »

Angelina Jolie

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Yes, Angelina Jolie is left handed. Despite her best efforts to nationalize her home in Los Angeles as an independent state, Angelina Jolie will have to settle on being American Citizen a while longer. While the paperwork on the Republic of Jolidia continues to be processed indefinitely, the Angelina tribe keeps expanding. We hear there… Read more »

Tim Tebow

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Yes, Tim Tebow is left handed. Looks like God has different plans for Tim Tebow. The sensational college turned sensationalist pro-football quarterback was last spotted applying for a job at Tim Hortons. Sources say he was denied the starting shift manager position and placed as a 3rd string, late-night fry-chef. It’s been an interesting run… Read more »