Tim Tebow

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Yes, Tim Tebow is left handed. Looks like God has different plans for Tim Tebow. The sensational college turned sensationalist pro-football quarterback was last spotted applying for a job at Tim Hortons. Sources say he was denied the starting shift manager position and placed as a 3rd string, late-night fry-chef. It’s been an interesting run… Read more »

Gwyneth Paltrow

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No, Gwyneth Paltrow is not left handed. People magazine recently voted her the most beautiful woman in the world, and if there is one credible source for, well, people, it’s People. I trust they interviewed everyone in the world and concluded the 40yr old blonde health-conscious babe was better looking than say Miranda Kirr, Kate… Read more »

Kevin Hart

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No, Kevin Hart is not left handed. It’s always sunny in Kevin Hart’s world. That’s why it looks like he is constantly squinting. The 24yr old comedian looks a lot older because of excessive sun damage and drinking. His latest binge has landed him a D.U.I which is merely a single cloud on an otherwise… Read more »

Lindsey Vonn

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No, Lindsey Vonn is not left handed. In what many sports experts are calling the Duo of the Decade, Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods have announced they are an item. Using the only valid form of communication this day in age, Woods and Vonn took to Facebook to set the record straight. The two met… Read more »

Danica Patrick

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No, Danica Patrick is not left handed. As a kid Danica would race her Red Flyer against the neighborhood kids and beat them all. She was notorious for her victory celebrations, which included spraying sparkling apple cider in the loser’s faces, doing donuts on the retirement home’s lawn and downing multiple vanilla milkshakes before dinner…. Read more »

Bruce Willis

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Yes, Bruce Willis is left handed. Bruce Goddamn Willis. We love that you are left handed. We love that you were married to Demi Moore. We definitely love your new wife. We appreciate the struggles of having to bartend in NYC before landing your first role. Born Walter Bruce What-you-talking-bout Willis, he grew up in… Read more »

Justin Timberlake

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No, Justin Timberlake is not left handed. The origins of the Timberlake name can be traced back to an ancient Hungarian tradition of lighting giant logs on fire and tossing them into Lake Balaton near Budapest. The weak men were grouped together with the heaviest of logs and often crushed in the process, ensuring the… Read more »