Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence arriving at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is left handed. Jennifer Lawrence starred as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, a wildly successful adaptation of the first book of the series of the same name. She also starred in Winter's Bone and was nominated for a whole a lot of awards and stuff. She likes to knit, paint, play… Read more »

Jon Stewart

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Jon Stewart looking like Jon Stewart

Yes, Jon Stewart is left handed. Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show, is right up there with most celebrated of the left handed community. A risen star of comedic reason, he is the voice from which all 20-somethings get their news, which could be surprising because it’s the flagship show on Comedy Central. He… Read more »

Michael Phelps

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Olympics Day 4 - Swimming

No, Michael Phelps is not left handed. Michael Phelps was born under the sea in Atlantica to the King Triton. His mother was Ursula, who was with the King before she tried overthrowing him. He is a half-brother to Ariel and to this day he is furious with her that a movie was made about… Read more »

Amelia Earhart

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No, Amelia Earhart was not left handed. Amelia Toebak Earhart was a pioneer, engineer and autheer. The first woman to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia is also credited for making the modern pilot chair more comfortable (she preferred linen upholstery) and the cockpit prettier. She also has gone the farthest of any… Read more »

Jason Bateman

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Yes, Jason Bateman is left handed. Are you as excited as we are about Arrested Development coming back to the air with a 10 part series and a movie? Of course not. We just finished watching the amazing three seasons for a record 9th time, and still uncovered layers of subtly we missed on the… Read more »

Jeremy Lin

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No, Jeremy Lin is not left handed. Update: Jeremy Lin is indeed heading back to Houston. Man-oh-man, what a ride it's been for Jeremy Lin. Starting off un-drafted and overlooked to being in the spotlight at Madison Square Garden and the nation. His jersey sold faster than anyone in history and his name unleashed a… Read more »

Paulina Gretzky

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No, Paulina Gretzky is not left handed. No one loves Instagram more than Paulina Gretzky, and who can blame her. Blurry, vintage looking images are all the rave these days, and she is the queen of posting them to Twitter. But we'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy them. The daughter of hockey's… Read more »