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Q: Is Justin Bieber left handed?

Yes, Justin Bieber is left handed.

Don’t kid yourself. You’ve seen Justin Bieber’s “Baby, baby” video 100 million times. Ok, so you always stare into his beautiful eyes and aren’t focusing on what his dominant hand is. We don’t blame you. We didn’t believe there was anything dominant about him either. He is extremely talented despite appealing to mostly tweens and twi-moms but we’ll always have a special place in out hearts for the Biebs.

He is going to grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine’s August issue, wearing a tank top and according to MTV, look “toned”, which is of course my ultimate fantasy. He tweeted a picture of it and thank god he’s grown out of his lesbian phase and into a toned lesbian phase.

We’re actually interested to see where his career goes from here, if it needs to go anywhere. Hell, Dashboard Confessionals is still singing about High School heart-ache, why can’t the Bieber keep singing about, I dunno babies or whatever he sings about. My bet is he goes all Macaulay Culkin on us, which I’d still be jealous of him for because he would date Mila Kunis, and I know I would love to date Mila Kunis.


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