Was George Lindsey Left-Handed?

One of the great left-handers has done and left us. George Lindsey, who played Goober Pyle on the great Andy Griffith show died of an illness on Sunday. At least that’s what the Funeral Home said. The last time we listened to a Funeral Home someone died. Our sources say that he was out jogging and came across a pack of wild alligators. He wrestled them into submission, then cooked them into a soup, but not well enough and died from undercooked alligator meat.

In truth, what can we really say about George? Other than the fact that HE WAS LEFT HANDED! TAKE THAT WORLD! All of those G.I.’s he stitched up on M.A.S.H and the countless solved mysteries on Matlock, all done with the left hand. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that someone who was able to play the Captain alongside Gilligan for all those years also had the good sense to use his dominant left hand when hailing a cab.

Many media outlets are celebrating the various roles held by George today, but few are really looking at the nitty gritty details. What really made this man tick? When he poured his coffee every morning on the set of I Dream of Genie, the pot was always maneuvered in an expert fashion via his left hand. Not once did he burn himself due to the use of his feeble right hand – potentially preventing him from fulfilling his destiny of starring in his later breakout role, ‘Scar’ from The Lion King.

George “Goober” Lindsey, we salute you and your weird alligator wresting fetish. Left handed is the correct handed.

Yes, George Lindsey was Left-Handed.