Is Jason Bateman Left-Handed?

Hey guy, are you as excited as we are about Arrested Development coming back to the air with a 10 part series and a movie? Of course not. We just finished watching the amazing three seasons for a record 9th time, and still uncovered layers of subtly we missed on the previous 8 viewings. Left-handed Bateman is there to lead the pack of talented actors and actresses including Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia De Rossi, Michael Cera and Tony Hale.

Born in Rye, New York to a traveling circus, he ran away when his trapeze artist parents died from a horrendous motorcycle accident. He found shelter in a neighboring theater which also housed a whiskey distillery and found work on the stage and as a distillery operator. He became entranced by the theater, vowing to be an actor, but his true love was distilling whiskey. Rye became a city know for it’s whiskey thanks to Bateman and the theater’s dry humor helped shape Bateman’s sense of wit.

One cool summer evening, the theater put on Peter Pan as it’s last show to city-wide acclaim. With things going so well for him, and feeling sensationally drunk, Bateman took to the railroad. Inspired by On the Road by Jack Kerouac, he hitched on a commercial train and ventured off west to L.A with nothing more than a sack full of whiskey, a handful of playbills and some peanuts. He befriended a fellow train-riding actor named Will Arnett and together they drank and sang songs and re-enacted scenes from various plays to the delight of the train crews each time they stopped. Their friendship lasts to this day.

Yes, Jason Bateman is Left-Handed.

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