Is Jeremy Renner Left-Handed?

Best known for his singing/song-writing, left handed Renner had some trouble getting recognized in Hollywood. Often confused for a baby otter, it wasn’t until he exploded, literally, in The Hurt Locker and had reconstructive surgery did people take notice.

Part cyborg and part human, Renner now enjoys the strength of a machine and wits of a Californian, and has finally reached the starlight on the big screen. Playing roles as a secret agent in The Bourne Legacy, a bird in The Avengers and a so-hot-right-now model in the upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Despite his success and artificial appendages, Renner is pretty down to earth. He enjoys martial arts, butterflies and renovating houses with a fellow actor friend.

Yes, Jeremy Renner is Left-Handed.