Is Liam Hemsworth Left-Handed.

This one we thought for sure would be left handed. I mean his name is LIAM for Chris’ sake. The youngest brother of the Hemsworth clan, Liam got his start serving ice cream at the local parlor when he was noticed for his dashing good looks and mean triple scoop. Told to pursue acting by his somewhat famous brothers, he soon was thrusted into the spotlight when he smooched up Miley Cyrus in that movie. The couple started dating and got engaged or whatever in June 2012. BUT GUESS WHAT GUYS!? They done broke it off.

Sources say it was Liam’s widening gap between his eyes that discouraged Miley from the engagement. Close friends to Liam said it wasn’t Miley’s “whorish and utterly disturbing sexually depraved mud dancing” that turned him off, but rather her incessant need to change the channel whenever he wanted to watch Honey Boo Boo.

“That’s where she learned to dance like that.” quipped Hemsworth, during an interview with Rastafarian News. “She would just start sticking her tongue out and complaining all the time. I need my Honey, know what I’m saying?”

No, Liam Hemsworth is not Left-Handed.

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