Is Taylor Lautner Left-Handed?

Taylor Lautner is best known for his role as the werewolf Jacob in the Twilight series. He wasn’t born during a full moon, but he was born onthe moon. Son of famed Astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Moon’s Llama queen, Taylor was conceived on the Lunar Module, and brought back to earth disguised as a fur coat. He was raised by Armstrong and Aldrin, who brought him up to be an astronaut. When Lautner rebelled, they had him cryogenically frozen.

Kept secret in Neil’s basement by NASA for over a decade, he was finally released when Neil Armstrong’s granddaughter found him and fell in love with him. She tried overly hard to love him but he could never be with his sister. He ran away and lived off scraps behind an IHOP. He caught the eye of Twilight’s author Stephanie Meyer, who had been scrapping behind the same IHOP for years. After making love for hours, she thought he would be the perfect role for her main werewolf character.

No, Taylor Lautner is not Left-Handed.

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