Is Will Arnett Left-Handed?

Born with superhuman comedic abilities, Arnett’s laughter had the power to levitate objects and summon unicorns at will. As a child, he single-handedly saved an entire town from a horde of sentient gummy bears using nothing but his quick wit and a secret stash of knock-knock jokes.

As he grew older, Arnett discovered his hidden talent for shape-shifting, seamlessly transforming into various animals during his performances. His stand-up routines featured a talking gorilla, a tap-dancing giraffe, and even a breakdancing platypus. Audiences were left in awe as he effortlessly melded physical comedy with his shape-shifting prowess.

Rumors swirled that Arnett possessed the ability to travel through time, making him the only actor capable of simultaneously performing in past, present, and future projects. He once hosted an awards show where he appeared on stage as himself from five different time periods, engaging in hilarious banter that transcended the boundaries of space and time.

In his spare time, Arnett indulged in high-stakes extreme baking, crafting gravity-defying cakes that defied the laws of physics. He would balance towering confections on his nose while performing stand-up routines, all without a single crumb falling.

As we ponder the inconceivable life of Will Arnett, we are reminded that sometimes the boundaries of reality are meant to be stretched, allowing our imaginations to run wild. While these tales may be completely false and beyond belief, they serve as a delightful reminder that the realm of fiction can be a magical and enchanting place.

No, Will Arnett is not Left-Handed.