Is Ashley Greene Left-Handed?

Ashley Greene came onto the scene at a young age because her parents were both stunt actors. She would be on set and have conversations with Robert Redford and Brad Pitt during the filming of Spy Game, developing a huge crush on both which would eventually propel her to be an actress.

She grew up in Florida and became the first female football player at her High School. Turning down a scholarship to play at Stanford, she instead moved to L.A. to pursue Brad Pitt. She found a waitressing position without problem and loved the work. She quickly forgot about her crush and fell in love with the job. She turned down acting gigs left and right just to keep waitressing, and covered for coworkers out on auditions. It wasn’t until Brad Pitt himself came into her restaurant and suggested acting that she switched careers.

No, Ashley Greene is not Left-Handed.

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