Is Jessica Biel Left-Handed?

But she is hot though. Jessica recently tied the knot with skinny white boy Justin Timberlake who won teenage girls hearts as the lead singer of N’Sync. The Italian wedding was extravagant but our sources revealed that it was entirely sponsored by Target, right down to the wedding dress. You can just get such a great deal with Target.

Jessica Biel is notorious for her storyboard abs and architectural jaw line, but few know about her humanitarian efforts. She visits Africa every other month to promote her own form of Zoomba and Pilates called “Bielates” and other fitness related programs so that people everywhere can be proud of their abdominal muscles and pronounced facial features.

She did some nude modeling when she turned 18 but realized she didn’t want to be known just for her body. Biel graduated from Oxford and Yale at the same time, but then discovered being known for her body was more exciting than for her mind. According to reports, after the Yale graduation ceremony she streaked across campus screaming obscenities in ancient Greek and took off in a helicopter.

She is teaming up with Spielberg on a documentary about her life called “Bielive”, slated for theaters Summer 2013.

No, Jessica Biel is not Left-Handed.

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