Is Melissa Ryecroft Left-Handed?

Well, we have another winner for Dancing with the Stars, if we can call an NFL Cheerleader turned reality-person turned reality-dancer a star. The emotionally draining male-victimizing show presented this season’s culturally enhancing and esteemed crown to Melissa Ryecroft, the hottie that “won” The Bachelor but later got rejected. This award should keep her in the spotlight for a little while longer, or until people change the channel.

Critics might dissuade her performance, but overall we guess it must have been good. Our correspondent who drew the longest straw and had to watch the finale in a tutu mentioned that at one point Melissa confused her routine and started shouting “Touchdown!” to the audience. She quickly put away her spirit fingers and recovered by performing a triple back-flip into a split on her partner Tony’s clenched fist.

Speaking of Tonys, Melissa is most notably known for being a Dallas cheerleader during the time of future hall of fame QB Tony Romo. However it isn’t well known that she was actually an extremely good QB in college and garnered the attention of the Dallas staff. Signed as a free agent, it wasn’t until Romo was caught tackling her during drills and trying to take her pads off did she get transferred to the cheerleading squad. Experts say it was the wrong move but the team wanted to avoid a lawsuit. It would be curious to see if the roles were reversed, but then again it seems like Romo is shaking his pom poms every game anyway.

No, Melissa Ryecroft is not Left-Handed.

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