Is Miley Cyrus Left-Handed?

I don’t care what hand she writes with, or plays guitar with, she was born left handed and does everything else left handed. So I guess she is mostly right-handed? I don’t know, whatever. Either way her father is left handed and couldn’t handle being awesome so he decided to teach his impressionable and too-young-to-understand daughter how to write with her right hand and now she uses it all the time. At least go ambidextrous, baby.

Speaking of impressionable, Miley Cyrus recently accepted the proposal from Liam Hemsworth and the two are engaged. They met during the filming of Twilight where they would both sneak on set to eat the food service and throw tomatoes at Kristen Stewart. The director thought they had such good chemistry that he initially dropped R-Pat and Stewart and began using them as the lead couple. It wasn’t until they wrapped shooting and the film went to editing that the studio noticed any difference.

They were short on money and the new couple was obviously much more talented than the former that they went with it and CGI’d Pattinson’s and Stewart’s faces onto their bodies. The story became so well known that it spawned a spinoff series called The Hunger Games as well as The Big Bang Theory.

Yes, Miley Cyrus is Left-Handed.