Is Donald Driver Left-Handed?

It’s that damn Donald, he’s so hot right now. He just won Dancing with the Stars, and is still one of the best wide receivers in football, but he is probably best known as an accomplished children’s book author.

A captivating read for all ages and the latest in the series, “Quickie goes to the Big Game” is undoubtedly based on his life growing up too close to a Nestle factory and is a delight to pick up. You’ll melt when you read about his perseverance in the face of adversity, struggles with height and his battle with overcoming an addiction to the chocolate milk drink. It just reached #1 on the NY Times Children’s Books for All Ages and Lindsay Lohan category.

“Quickie” was the name his Mother gave to him growing up because he was so hard to catch when she chased him. Dude also jumped 7’6″ in the high jump and nearly made the 2000 summer Olympics. Fast and can jump over a fence. Donald, we might have a job for you…

No, Donald Driver is not Left-Handed.