Is Jeremy Lin Left-Handed?

Jeremy Lin is indeed heading back to Houston.

Man-oh-man, what a ride it’s been for Jeremy Lin. Starting off un-drafted and overlooked to being in the spotlight at Madison Square Garden and the nation. His jersey sold faster than anyone in history and his name unleashed a tidal wave of puns from Lintastic to Super Lintendo. But all that could change as he is looking elsewhere, having already signed an offer sheet worth $25.1 million dollars over 3 years with the Houston Rockets. Even the sporting outlets in NYC are ditching his once sought after jerseys, benching them to the clearance racks to make way for the new Wii Fit clothing line. What remains to be seen, despite the reaction of stores and fans, is if the New York Knicks will counter offer by tomorrow night, but it’s looking like the Lin is headed to Houston.

Lin is of course no idiot, hailing from the Harvard of schools…Harvard. He was sleeping on a teammate’s couch when he decided to go all Linsane on everyone, and he knows as well as anyone that he deserves more money. I just don’t think he’ll have the impact, on the court or off, in Houston as he did in New York City with the Knicks. I’m no NBA expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I can’t even name a single player on the rockets, so maybe some Linterest would be a good thing. However, if the Rockets end up with Dwight Howard everything changes and I now become a Rocket Fan. I’d still rock the Knicks #17 Lin Jersey though.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Gene Kranz in Apollo 13:

I don’t care about what anything was designed to do, I care about what it can do.

No, Jeremy Lin is not Left-Handed.