Is Kevin Durant Left-Handed?

Luckily this isn’t a talent contest, because Kevin Durant would win. Drafted #2 to the NBA after 1 year in college, where he won the most awards ever? Check. NBA rookie of the year? Check. The list goes on. We wish we could say he was left handed, I mean, did you even see that dunk he had against the Lakers? Magnificent. We have the adoption papers signed and ready to go we just need his lawyers approval.

This NBA finals is also going to be stellar. Durant and his Thunder face Lebron James and the Heat tonight in what critics are saying is the best matchup of the decade. It’s going to be like a teenage girl watching all three Twilight films at once while being sugar-high. What I should say is it would be more like if Point Break had two sequels and we had, but, that would mean Bodhi is still alive…? Swayzeeeeeeee! What if we go with the ending to LOST not completely letting down the genius that was the previous seasons. Bingo.

During the lockout, Durant and James trained and exercised together for four hours a day. Just the two of them. They became closer too, bonding over similar defeats by a team that would beat them both and win the Finals the previous year. Apparently this year’s NBA Finals match-up is being toted as a real once-in-a-lifetime basketball rivalry, the likes we haven’t seen since a Russell vs. Chamberlain or more recently a Magic vs Bird. We love a great rivalry, and hope this makes it into the record books as the start of something inspiring, something that people will remember and respect for years afterwards.

No, Kevin Durant is not Left-Handed.