Was Kobe Bryant Left-Handed?

You shout his name every time you miss throwing that dirty, snot-filled tissue into the garbage 5 feet away from you. His smile is almost as big as Julia Roberts, and his middle name is Bean. Growing up in Italy was hard for young Pinto. In the third grade he was called fat by his classmates and teased for his lunchbox he brought in featuring 4 human-sized green turtles and a rat fighting masked men in purple tights.

He was often heard swearing in Italian, which only grew his already huge crowds with Italian widows and divorcees to his Lakers games. He also speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, DiGiorno, Chinese, Japanese, TakeItEase, British, Russian, Lil Wayne, Gaelic, Lithuanian, Croatian, Nigerian, Pawnee, Arch, Ubuntu and Windows 95.

Kobe not only led the NBA in scoring during the ’06 and ’07 seasons, but also led the Los Angeles area in receiving the most tickets ever received by a single driver. He received plaques for each accomplishments, two from the NBA and one from Shaquille O’Neal.

No, Kobe Bryant was not Left-Handed.

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