Somehow this isn’t a well know fact. Maybe because basketball players so frequently adapt to an ambidextrous play style regardless of their main writing hand that we forget which is their dominant. In fact, while researching this post, the majority of images of Lebron driving to the hoop do coincide with the fact that he is left handed.

Story goes he was right handed until he became frustrated losing his middle school rock-paper-scissor competitions to the more dominant and skilled lefties and switched to being left handed. Then he grew 2 feet taller than everyone else and became interested in basketball and forgot about hand games that didn’t involve dunking over the opponents or making millions of dollars.

Our sources say Kevin Durant has been teasing him on the court during the first two games of the NBA Finals about his selling out in 6th grade to the better stacked team. Durant was his middle school rock-paper-scissor champion and would often throw the game signs for triple rock in Lebron’s face shouting: “Here comes the avalanche!” Representatives for Durant and James couldn’t be reached, so our request for a RPC showdown between the two will have to wait.