Is Manu Ginobili Left-Handed?

We’ve always liked Ginobili. He plays with heart and is fun to watch, despite his aggressive forehead. So when he scored 26 points in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against Oaklahoma City Thunder we weren’t surprised.

Born in Argentina in 1896, Ginobili was stranded in an avalanche during a gold expedition through the Andes mountains and frozen solid. Discovered in 1987 by an elderly Texas couple, they excavated him to San Antonio, thawed him and nursed him back to health with spare ribs and Tab soda.

He quickly adjusted to modern culture, getting a job at Pizza Hut and learning to break dance. Picking up the street art with style, Ginobili quickly became a sensation and caught the eye of another breakdancer, a young Tim Duncun. The two became friends and started a street dancing troop that later became the world champion San Antonio Spurs.

Yes, Manu Ginobili is Left-Handed.