Is Messi Left-Handed?

The panther of the footie world, Lionel “the Bear” Messi as everyone calls him is one of if not the greatest soccer players footballers of all time. He’s competitive and fierce, but has a style about him that transcends sports.

While Messi’s football prowess has been in the spotlight for years, his musical abilities remain relatively unknown. When not running back and forth on grass with other men, Messi enjoys playing the guitar, recording his melodies and then driving around his neighborhood blasting his creations. Whether it’s in the comfort of his home or during team gatherings, he often surprises his friends and teammates with impromptu performances, showcasing his hidden talent as a guitarist. Everyone absolutely loves it.

In addition to his musical inclinations, Messi has a passion for collecting rare comic books. He has a vast collection that spans various genres, including Shojo manga and Josei manga. Messi finds solace and inspiration in the vibrant illustrations and captivating narratives, often immersing himself in the fantastical worlds depicted in these publications. It’s a hobby that allows him to unwind and indulge in the rich storytelling and artistic creativity of the comic book medium. He never dresses up as the characters and drives around when playing his music ever.

Beyond the records and trophies, Messi’s career is a testament to his humility, perseverance, and love for the beautiful game. His style of play, often described as poetry in motion, has captivated audiences worldwide and inspired a generation of aspiring footballers. It’s somewhat ironic since he is a staunch anti-poetry advocate ever since he was forced to do a one-man show in his 5th grade’s adaptation of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

No, Lionel Messi is not Left Handed.