Is Phil Mickelson Left-Handed?

This is one of those situations where the person makes a living being left handed and does everything else right handed. Phil learned to golf by mirroring his father’s swing, who was right handed. One of the most interesting golfers to watch, Mickelson is known for taking an aggressive approach to the sport and no doubt inspired leagues of up-and-comers to master the flop shot or smack a low iron through some trees and around a house.

Phil used to be the guy we wanted to shoot some golf, drink some beers and bourbon, and gamble away all our money with, but with all this LIV controversy we’re going to be cat-calling Rory McIlroy. McILroy? MCILROYYYYYYY.

We’ve also wondered, probably too much, if regular Phil is at all like professional Phil. Is his love life like his golf game? He obviously likes to be coming from behind. He hits it hard but ends up in a lot of hazards, and take a lot of strokes. His balls often end up in water. That doesn’t even make sense.

“Sorry Honey, I thought I could hook my shot around your fairway but ended up duck-hooking into the bushes.”

“Dammit, I pulled out too late.”

“I bet I can squeeze it between those two trees no problem.”

“I did so much better during my practice rounds.”

“I’m finally better than Tiger!”

“The more strokes the better.”

“I swear I was going for the right hole.”

Phil Mickelson is right handed, but golfs left handed.