Is Shaun White Left-Handed?

We just finished watching Friends with Benefits for the 12th time, and it really does get better with each viewing. We are always happy to catch the few glimpses of Shaun White and his beautiful hair.  If we had it on VHS, the part of him talking to Mila would be completely worn through. What’s a VHS? Get off my lawn you hippies. No offense Timberlake, but we’d like to see the gorgeous Mila Kunis party it up with the gold medalist, Mr. Bonaparte of the half pipe if you know what I mean.

So Shaun finally admitted to drinking alcohol and living it up as we think a stereotypical skateboard/snowboard gold medalist would. We are proud of him for letting loose. Seriously, since when did non-celebrities bashing hotel rooms start to become news? We were starting to get worried about not hearing him in the papers for punching puppies in their cute little faces or throwing elderly people off bridges. Until Gary Busey bites somebodies ear off and uses it as a paintbrush, don’t get your panties in a bunch over a fire alarm.

No, Shaun White is not Left-Handed.

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