Was Amelia Earhart Left-Handed?

Amelia Toebak Earhart was a pioneer, engineer and autheer. The first woman to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean, Amelia is also credited for making the modern pilot chair more comfortable (she preferred linen upholstery) and the cockpit prettier. She also has gone the farthest of any woman on record without asking for directions.

Growing up with sisters who shared her sense of adventure, “Meeley” would often climb trees, hunt rats and throw rocks through abandoned factory windows. One day she discovered a blowtorch and scavenged for pieces of metal to use. She spent the next few weeks creating a sculpture reminiscent of a bunny rabbit eating a watermelon, her favorite animal eating her favorite food.

Her disappearance is still investigated to this day, and is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. Her final transmission alluded to the coordinates “157 337”, but we think her plane was losing fuel too quickly and this is our first clue to finding the secret treasure of Atlantis that Amelia and the Navy were looking for before the Nazis could get to it.

Our initial research into the matter also revealed she was most likely ambidextrous, but images of her signing autographs right handed forces us to conclude that she was not left handed. A little known fact about America’s Sweethart, Amelia was actually delivered to her parents by a stork in Kansas in 1897, which is where the myth originated. Oddly enough, she came into this world as she left it; shrouded in soft linen and mystery.

No, Amelia Earhart was not Left-Handed.

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