Is Lindsay Lohan Left-Handed?

Lindsay Lohan. No one has crashed so magnificently from a higher place than this woman. We fantasized about her when she hit the spotlight, now we run from her because she’ll hit you with her car. She’ll ask to use your phone then run away claiming you raped her kittens with the Olympic Torch. And her mother will collaborate it all.

She’s set to play herself in the upcoming Scary Movie 5, alongside Charlie Sheen. We would have thought Sheen and Lohan would have hooked up by now, creating some power-couple fueled on cocaine, cigarettes and cocaine. We asked Sheen about a relationship with Lohan and he said she “is too fragile a butterfly to ride on his winged Pegasus through the sun of eternity.” He then ran into the bushes next to an IHOP.

Lohan recently posed for Playboy and it seemed like she was getting her act together. Aside from the fact that we view someone posing naked as getting their act together, Lohan continued her crazy streak. In fact after the photo shoot she drove her car into the Playboy mansion, fled to the pool cave and has been living there ever since, surviving on chlorine water and old Playboy magazines.

No, Lindsay Lohan is not Left-Handed.

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