Is Oprah Winfrey Left-Handed?

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes. Everyone reading this post gets a new car! You get a new car and your neighbors get a new car and your cat gets a new car! Even your car gets a new car! Congratulations!

While a child, Oprah Ingaborg Winfrey was introduced to the art of miming by a traveling miming group called Don’t Mime Us . She was so impressed by them she intended to dedicate her life to learning their miming ways and improving their organization. They took her along, making her agree to their terms by vowing to never speak a word and express herself with only her movement and expressions. Within the hour Oprah was kicked out and told never to mime again. While walking back to her house she me a talking cat who convinced her to get into talk show television. She ignored the cat’s advice and started work at a local barber shop, becoming quite proficient at cutting people’s hair and garnering lots of attention with her outgoing personality.

Her client list grew and grew and eventually included all sorts of celebrities that she was asked to come onto a morning talk show as a guest to promote herself on a feel-good segment. She liked talking in front of the camera so much, and recognizing that the crew was more entertained by her than the current host, decided to kick the host off her own show and start hosting herself. She changed the name and it since has become the most successful show ever.

Yes, Oprah Winfrey is Left-Handed.