Is Kate Upton Left-Handed?

Kate Upton graces the cover of GQ and you wonder to yourself, is she left handed? You find yourself here, reading this post. What’s wrong with you? Are you still reading this? Scroll down for the pictures you silly, silly person.

Kate Josephine Grace Downgram Upton was born in Brussels and moved to London when she was two. She grew up in Brighton and had a jolly good time riding the tube, eating fish and chips and drinking tea in bikinis. One day she was making a phone call in one of those red phone booths and ended up in New York’s Upper West side, where she auditioned for and starred in Cats! This was the second such occurrence of unexpected transportation, the first being when she was in a taxi and ended up in Vulgaria, where she teamed up with Dick Van Dyke to free the town’s children from the evil Child Catcher.

She’s recently been spotted with the Detroit Tigers pitching stud Justin Verlander, and the gossip pipes are bursting, blaming her for his terrible pitching during the MLB All-Star game. We don’t believe it, just as we don’t blame Jessica Simpson for Romo’s mishaps or for gaining 100lbs.

No, Kate Upton is not Left-Handed.

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