Is Katherine Webb Left-Handed?

Who is this Katherine Webb? Is she left handed? What does she look like the morning after? So many questions we just want answered.

Before taking A.J. McCarron’s long ball, Katherine Webb was working in the Ford plant assembling parts. She made modifications to both the drive-shaft and axle rods just by winking flirtatiously at the machines, who became self-aware and upgraded themselves, hoping to impress her. Turning her mental powers to the stage, she captured the Miss Alabama pageant in 2012, and plans on competing for Miss USA and then Miss Universe. Reigning Miss Universe Olivia Culpo recently confessed that there is only one women she fears, and that is Ms. Webb in a bikini. She also continued that she wouldn’t mind seeing Webb in a 2-piece to “stand up to her fears and kiss, I mean kick, them in the face”.

During the NCAA National Championship game, she was accosted by ESPN announcers for being too beautiful to sit in the stands by herself, because everyone knows men can’t control themselves around women that beautiful in public. She gained a bajillion twitter followers after the game, and is now promoting a new technology called the “Webb Cam” which overlays her face onto whoever you are talking to. Sales are expected to reach in the trillions.