Is Afroman Left-Handed?

Afroman is definitely right-handed. I mean did you see the punch he threw at that poor white girl? Maybe that will be the motivation she needs to get her life together. Seriously, you snuck on the stage of a washed-up 40yr old’s concert, what did you expect to happen? He’s old and scared, probably thought you were a ghost of that girl he accidentally got too high in middle school who ran off never to be seen again. Consider yourself lucky he didn’t try to pick up where he left off and whip his dick out.

Good news is Marijiuana has just been disproved to negatively affecting reaction time. The guy still has a pop in his step! He’s action caught the attention of next to no authority, as his bond was set at a staggering $330. I pee’d on the front of a Violin store on my 21st birthday and my bond was more than that. Sources say Ray Rice was thrilled to hear the news, buying up a bunch of backstage tickets to Afroman’s next show in Montgomery Alabama.

No, Afroman is not Left-Handed.