Is Avril Lavigne Left-Handed?

Well big news today, Avril Lavigne is engaged. Unlike her first marriage to Deryck Whibley, lead singer and guitarist for the band Sum 41, Avril has decided to go low key with someone no one has ever heard of. In a move to possibly avoid the spotlight, Avril, which in Canadian means “pale flower that only grows in winter”, is set to marry some Chad Kroeger guy. Apparently he’s a musician as well but we’ve never heard of him. His band, Nickelback, hasn’t made any headway on the music scene and a quick google search reveals a strong possibility the band is in fact a massive troll of the industry.

Avril grew up in Canada and typical of Canadians is extremely violent and insensitive. Just kidding, she is a sweet heart who loves maple syrup and hockey. Like all young men growing up, she had a crush on Shania Twain and made it her goal to sing with her by the time she reached 15. They appeared on stage together, and afterwards an exuberant Avril asked if they wanted to get dinner or something. Shania brushed her off and instead threw her an autographed headshot. Avril signed a record deal immediately afterwards, vowing to crush Shania Twain and her record sales. She carries the signed headshot wherever she goes and even got it tattooed on her back, symbolizing that Shania will always be behind her.

No, Avril Lavigne is not Left-Handed.

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