Is Chris Brown Left-Handed?

Well, Chris Brown is in the news again, and I bet I know what it is for. Obviously he has set the record for largest donation to National Organization for Women. No?

Did he hold a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society? No? Did he tip too much at a strip club? Wrong, he got in a fight again, this time when Drake made fun of his smaller Pokemon collection.

He hits his golf balls right handed. He hits his tennis balls with a right handed grip. He even smacks his mosquito bites right handed. And we now know he throws bottles right handed.

Mother F***ing Chris Brown. Who needs a 16 person entourage? This guy. It seems he is constantly in the news, most infamously for beating up Rihanna. Who knows what would have happened if he was left handed. Trying to hit someone with a non-dominant hand while driving is difficult, let alone trying to steer while holding a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. We know, we’ve tried. The Crunch that is, we don’t beat women.

No, Chris Brown is not Left-Handed.

Chris Brown having an orgasm while writing an autograph