Was Doc Watson Left-Handed?

Poor old Doc. Created a time machine and got himself killed for stealing some plutonium. Right about now we suspect Marty is fighting off the flirtations with his mother and trying to get his dad laid so he can be born and not create some crazy grandfather paradox.

Despite being blind, Doc Watson was a masterful guitarist who somehow never had one of those “hit” records. Like his blindness, he was never able to hit that mark with his albums, falling short of the gold standard, which being 89 years old, he actually remembered. He did grab 8 Grammy Awards, which he mistakenly donated to Goodwill thinking they were old G.I. Joes.

We heard that he would sit on his porch all day, drinking whiskey and playing his guitar. He would actually encourage kids to play on his yard, which rarely happened because he also encouraged them to drink his whiskey.

No, Doc Watson was not Left-Handed.