Is Nicki Minaj Left-Handed?

Has Trinidad ever produced anything as glorious as Nicki Minaj’s backside? We think not. She might be voluptuous and curvy, she might be inclined to wear bright, skimpy clothing, she might make us lose our breath with her racy provocative videos, but left handed she is not.  Onika Tanya Maraj is her real name, but who cares?

You probably considered watching American Idol again when she was named one of the judges, but decided better of it because the internet has better pictures and videos without all the useless television antics. With the celebrities on American Idol now,  it is a fact that every American male between the ages of 14 and 40 has spanked it to a picture of someone in the show.  Mariah for the older crowd, Nicki for the younger, with Seacrest is there to cover the um.. er… yeah, you get the point.

No, Nicki Minaj is not Left-Handed.