Is Rihanna Left-Handed?

Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back. Been spending too much time down by the river. Taking one for the team. Shelling out sea shells by the sea shore. Hanging back and crackin’ a cold one. Hunting Nazi war criminals in Argentina. Let’s get down to b’ness.

DAMN GIRL, you rocking that CFDA dress like you supposed to. Wish I was cold-hearted, emotionally distant and/or physically abusive to date you.

Rihanna Phanna PhoFannah Fenty has risen from the small island of Barbados and become a world renown pop icon, mogul and poster-child for the Catholic Church and forgiveness. Her voice is angelic, she’s beyond exotic and beautiful, and like all young stars her choice in men is horrendous beyond comparison. Matt Kemp we’ll add you to the exception list.

Rihanna got pissed that we did a post on Chris Brown before her, but what can we say he really knows how to bring hits to the site. Rihanna’s tumultuous relationship with Drake, the star dragon from the HBO miniseries the Game of Thrones, recently came to an screeching end. She is reportedly devastated but says she’s excited to not have to eat so much goat meat. Sources say some of the wolves of the series have been circling her house late at night and spraying the nearby trees, hoping to attract her scent, but the strong odor from The Bison has been keeping them mostly at bay.

No, Rihanna is not Left-Handed.

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