No, Donald Trump is not Left-Handed.

Trump fired Ambassador to the EU Gordan Sondland, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry. Source

Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry. Source

Trump called on Vindman to be investigated by the Pentagon. Source

Trump attacked his former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, for defending Vindman, saying Kelly had a “legal obligation” to “keep his mouth shut.” Source

Trump ordered the removal of John C. Rood, a Pentagon official who told Congress that he had cleared the release of military aid to Ukraine. (Trump withheld it anyway.) Source

Trump called the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for his longtime political adviser, Roger Stone, “horrible and very unfair.” Source

Trump cheered Attorney General Bill Barr when he intervened in the Stone case to withdraw the sentencing recommendation. Four prosecutors on the case resigned in protest. Source

Trump attacked the judge presiding over Stone’s case, Amy Berman Jackson, as biased, falsely accusing her of placing his former campaign manager Paul Manafort in solitary confinement. Source

Trump withdrew the nomination of Jessie Liu, who oversaw the Stone prosecution, to a top Treasury department position. Source

Trump asserted he has the legal right to order Barr to intervene in any criminal case. Source

Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, assigned an outside prosecutor to review the case against Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser who pled guilty to lying to investigators. (Barr is

also reviewing other “politically sensitive” cases.) Source

Trump commuted the sentence former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted of trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat. (Blagojevich appeared on Trump’s reality show and wrote an op-ed for a conservative

publication opposing impeachment.) Source

Trump pardoned Michael Milken who was sentenced to 10 years for securities fraud. Milken is a personal friend of Trump’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. Source

Trump pardoned Bernie Kerik, who served three years in jail for tax fraud. Kerik frequently defends Trump on Fox News. Source

Trump granted clemency to Paul Pogue, who was convicted of tax evasion. Pogue is a major donor to Trump’s campaign and the GOP. Source

Trump pardoned David Safavian, who was convicted of obstructing the investigation of corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Source

Trump commuted the sentence of Judith Negron, who was convicted of a $205 million Medicare fraud scheme and money laundering. Source

Trump diverted $3.8 billion in military funding to build the wall he said Mexico would pay for. Source

Donald Trump wants to take Iraq’s oil.

Donald Trump is making enemies lists.

Donald Trump is calling his critics “enemies.”

Donald Trump is keeping his own security force.

Donald Trump wants the Army to target civilians.

Donald Trump would make the Army target civilians.

Donald Trump wants to expand domestic surveillance.

Donald Trump wants to make it easier to sue the press.

Donald Trump wants to cut back our intelligence agencies.

Donald Trump thinks security takes precedence over privacy.

Donald Trump is undermining the legitimacy of the court system.

Donald Trump is threatening journalists for unfavorable reporting.

Donald Trump is threatening to enact martial law in American cities.

Donald Trump needs the names of people working on climate change.

Donald Trump thinks the 1st Amendment offers too much protection.

Donald Trump needs the names of people working on gender equality.

Donald Trump offered to “destroy the career” of a Texas state Senator.

Donald Trump is undermining and telling lies to delegitimize the media.

Donald Trump will prevent administration officials from appearing on CNN.

Donald Trump is banning a religion from immigrating to the United States.

Donald Trump is going to publish a list of crimes committed by immigrants.

Donald Trump is appointing unqualified cronies to national cabinet positions.

Donald Trump is seeking the ability to purge the government of non-loyalists.

Donald Trump is freezing federal agencies from communicating through twitter.

Donald Trump is using his position as President to make money for his businesses. (2)

Donald Trump is presenting “alternative facts” (lying) to the American people. (2, 3, 4)

Donald Trump needs the names of State Department employees working on extremism.

Donald Trump has fired the acting Attorney General for “betraying the State Department.”

Donald Trump is completely ignoring communications from the Office of Government Ethics.

Donald Trump is allowing his chief strategist to destroy or prevent a White House paper trail.

Donald Trump wanted to oust all inspectors general to remove ethics oversight over government agencies.

Donald Trump has removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff’s permanent seat on the National Security Council.

Donald Trump has given Steve Bannon, an alt-right white nationalist, a permanent seat on the National Security Council.

Donald Trump insulted Australia, an ally of the United States, and may have threatened to invade Mexico, also an ally of the United States.