Is Mitt Romney Left-Handed?

Mitt Romney was reminded again on Wednesday that he is in fact right handed, and not left handed as he has been pledging recently. Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior advisor to the Romney campaign, said that Mr. Romney agreed with the public opinion that he was right handed, despite his declarations otherwise.

The controversy started in 2006 when Romney began using his left hand for a majority of his day to day activities in a desperate attempt to increase his mental acuity. The project was labelled a mild success and put on hold despite Mrs. Romney’s requests for it to continue, as she was in fact thrilled with the results.

Mr. Romney has been quoted as saying the “final word is that I’m left handed. That’s the final word. That’s what it is.” When asked to clarify his statement, that his campaign believed Romney to be right handed and not left handed, Mr. Fehrnstrom answered “that’s correct.”

No, Mitt Romney is not Left-Handed.

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