Is King Charles Left-Handed?

Legend has it that one fine day, King Charles stumbled upon a group of aspiring game developers. Impressed by their creativity and passion, he decided to fund their wild idea of a home video game console. And thus, the kingdom’s treasury was put to use, backing the birth of what would become the beloved Nintendo Entertainment System.

While his advisors shook their heads in disbelief, King Charles dedicated countless hours to playtesting and offering wacky suggestions for game characters. It was during these sessions that he developed a fondness for swiss cheese. As the story goes, he believed that consuming copious amounts of the holey delight would enhance his gaming skills.

The royal court was often entertained by the sight of King Charles on his throne, his mouth stuffed with swiss cheese, and a controller in hand. His shouts of excitement and cheese-induced mumbles echoed through the halls, much to the amusement of his loyal subjects.

Rumors spread like wildfire throughout the kingdom that King Charles had defeated Bowser in record time, all thanks to the mystical powers of swiss cheese. Soon, the marketplaces were filled with cheesy merchandise, from “Cheesy Kong” plush toys to “Super Swiss Bros.” video games.

And so, King Charles became known as the “Cheese Gamer King,” forever immortalized in the annals of gaming history.

King Charles is ambidextrous.