Is Bill Nye the Science Guy Left-Handed?

So what if Bill Nye is not left handed, we’ll let him slide for the momentous positive impact he’s had on spreading the excitement of learning. LEARNING! I mean, when have you honestly been more excited about science than watching his goddamn brilliant show. Three things really stand out to me from growing up: Legos, Calvin & Hobbes and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

I screamed “Inertia is a property of matter” like every other jubilant kid or adult that watched his show. For that glorious thirty minutes we were transported to the scientific realm where anything was possible. And most of us carried that sense of scientific curiosity with us.

Which brings us to creationism. He’s recently been under the spotlight for his fantastic video from Big Think discussing evolution, and his view on people who choose not to accept it. He expresses the idea that this lack of acceptance in  based primarily in America, and is holding the country back, as it is a proven theory and widely accepted virtually everywhere else. Neil deGrass Tyson has also been vocal in a similar light, explaining that teaching children to not believe in evolution is just irresponsible, with both scientist’s explaining the need for scientifically open minded kids. So screw you parents, because you’re all lost causes. Just please don’t mess things up for your kids by teaching them your narrow minded, idiotic, untestable doctrine. Seriously, you think dinosaurs lived with humans. I can’t walk in the woods without getting freaked out by spiders but sure, seeing a gigantic T-Rex with teeth the size of my hands, no problem. Here’s a melon.

No, Bill Nye the Science Guy is not Left-Handed.